1-24  The First Twenty-Four
25-48  The Second Twenty-Four
49-72  The Third Twenty-Four
73-96  The Fourth Twenty-Four
97-120  The Fifth Twenty-Four
121-144  The Sixth Twenty-Four
145-168  The Seventh Twenty-Four
169-on  The Eighth Twenty-Four

97  A Family Visit, part 2
98  Wunderkammer XI
99  Wunderkammer XII
100  Ponogram Index
101  Michigan Outlines
102  Hawaiiana 9
103  Kids of Maine - 1
104  Kids of Maine - 2
105  Clarence Sandin
106  Tech House
107  Hawksbill Hatching
108  Facial Recognition
109  Hawaiiana 10
110  Spring in Maine - 1
111  Spring in Maine - 2
112  Wunderkammer XIII
113  Wunderkammer XIV
114  Wunderkammer XV
115  JOVIAL Programming Language
116  "Big Like a Soldier Officer"
117  TV Shows That Never Were - 1
118  Gecko Rejects Moth
119  TV Shows That Never Were - 2
120  The Story of Four




It never occurred to me in mid-2007 that I would ever have occasion to index 169 editions of Ponograms, but here I am many years later, trying to remember why I wrote some of them, reading others and laughing, and generally enjoying myself.  I have added a hyperlink to each one, so the reader can go directly to any that seem interesting.  The pics also have hyperlinks associated with the Ponograms before and after pics.

I would really appreciate your feedback!  Please indicate one or more favorites, one or more you could do without, one or more you forwarded to others, and of course whether you want me to go on with this exercise.

One Sunday In Perry
            Pono at 16 encounters death, destruction and callousness.
What the Army Taught Me
            Pono learns some surprising lessons as a draftee.
Not My Mother's Shopping List
            Food choices at 74 have changed a lot since 18.
Brain Calisthenics
            Trying to keep the synapses firing.
The Pono Nano Diet
            A patented small-scale diet.
Oatmeal Jim-Jams
            Recipe for cookies fit for a king.
A Walk in the Park
            Making the most of a stroll.
Escape to California
            Why and how Pono moved from Michigan to California.
            The limitations of computer and human translation.
10  Printer's Devil
            Pono’s years in print shops.
11  Pono - The Addict
            A personal tale of nicotine addiction.

 Cigarette butts   I (heart) HI

12  Monkeypodarrhea
            What to do with a monkeypod.
13  Love in the Woods
            Pono’s years as a highway surveyor.
14  It's a Small World
            How do Michigan, Ecuador, California and Hawaii find a link?
15  Culinary Crutches
            Great tips for those not into cooking, cleaning and other household chores.
16  We Want Sandin
            Recognition is not always desirable.
17  Better With Age
            Some of the many things that improve with age.
18  Parallel Universes
            You can be in the same country, city, or even room and have no interaction.
19  Mårten Nilsson Finne
            Mårten discovers copper and brings change to a large area of Sweden.
20  Hawaii Is A State
            We don’t get no respect!
21  Shake-em-up Flashlight
            Purchase of same causes a power outage.

Shake-'em-up flashlight         Email one to many 

22  The Use of E-mail
            How I tend to use e-mail.
23  Normal American Schoolboy
            Activities of a Normal American Schoolboy (NAS) in around 1950.
24  Lake Gogebic Early Days
            History of 1920 Lake Gogebic as seen from the Tillner cottage.
25  A Week In Sydney
            A somewhat different tourist view of Sydney and Australia.
26  Interview with the Widow - 1
27  Interview with the Widow - 2
            Q’s and A’s based on the actual estate inventory conducted after her husband’s death.
28  Three Kings of Orient
            Thailand – our contract to help introduce the country to computers.
29  1969 - Year of the Rooster
            Thailand – the birth of NAS, JR from the father’s eyes.
30  Summer in Europe
            Pono graduates college, meets old Army buddy for a visit to 13 countries.
31  Bellybuttons & Maggots
            Thailand – some of the memorable events of our stay.
32  Yes/No vs. Maybe
            Not everything is black or white, right or wrong, wave or particle, etc.
33  Blood, Beer and Warm Feet
            Phrases that will live in my memory associated with individuals.
34  Mine Universe
            My community of birth and the perceived boundaries of my universe.
35  Hands off, Boots on
            Thailand – a few more of the memorable events of our stay.
36  The Accidental Cure
            My theory – I had ulcers and they were cured.

   Helicobactor pylori    The Rose Bowl  

37  It's the Only Thing
            Pono and MSU friends attend the Rose Bowl and review history.
38  The Professor's Stable
            Suggested projects I would assign if I had a group of grad students.
39  Little House on the Highway
            Pono marries and “homesteads”.
40  "9/11 is OK"
            Pono rubs shoulders with history, including 9/11.
41  Suspected Child Abuse
            Confessions to preempt lawsuits.
42  Midlife Crisis
            A look at a totally different way of life.
43  Where Am I Today - 1
44  Where Am I Today - 2
            A review of the 14 grade and high schools I attended as a kid.
45  The Rosebud Period
46  Angular and Giddy
47  Sandin, N. A., Computer
            Pono’s work career in three phases.
48  Hot Trailers
            I don’t really hate house trailers, but I kept trying to burn them down.
49  Pure Michigan
            A trip back to Michigan, complete with a foreclosure at the motel I booked.
50  Ah, Youth
            Pono looks back on a prize-winning essay from his youth.
51  Unlikely Friend
            Pono reflects on his brother – his unlikely friend.
52  Golfballogy
            A primer in the study of golf balls.
            Excerpts from a monthly letter sent out by my company for 5 years in the mid-80s.
54  Before/After Squared
            The ups and major downs of home ownership in Tarzana, CA.
55  Hawaiiana 1
56  Hawaiiana 2
57  Hawaiiana 3
59  Hawaiiana 4       [Ponograms in this series were interspersed with other topics]
63  Hawaiiana 5
66  Hawaiiana 6
87  Hawaiiana 7
92  Hawaiiana 8
102  Hawaiiana 9
109  Hawaiiana 10
            Items, events, observations and people peculiar to Hawaii.
58  A New Outlook
            Pono’s cataract surgery.  

Eyeball protection   Pono in hospital 1961 

60  Crash Dummy
            Memories of an automobile accident in 1961.
61  Dogs, Boards, Kids...
            Photographic memories of the Tillner cottage on Lake Gogebic in Upper Michigan.
62  Photographic Treasures
            More photographic memories.
64  My Comb is Crooked
            Pono goes to Non-Commissioned Officer Academy while in the Army.
65  Call Me A Doctor
            Pono’s youngest gets his PhD.
67  Home for Christmas
            California to Michigan for Christmas with Helen who stopped in Minnesota.
68  Led By Words
            To translate Swedish estate inventories I pinned down the English for 700 nouns.
69  Pono Bowls
            The high points of my four decades of league bowling.
70  Poppy Tour
            Sandins congregate on Maui and the Big Island.
71  An Invitation
            An attempt to gather a bunch of relatives that failed for several reasons.
72  Wunderkammer I
73  Wunderkammer II
74  Wunderkammer III
75  Wunderkammer IV
76  Wunderkammer V
77  Wunderkammer VI        [Ponograms in this series were interspersed with other topics]
80  Wunderkammer VII
81  Wunderkammer VIII
88  Wunderkammer IX
94  Wunderkammer X
98  Wunderkammer XI
99  Wunderkammer XII
112  Wunderkammer XIII
113  Wunderkammer XIV
114  Wunderkammer XV
            An exposition of many of the "wunders" that Pono has accumulated over the years.
78  What Is Teaching?
            A paper written by Pono for the only education course he took at MSU.
79  A Gathering
            Report of a trip by Bittenbrings and Sandins to Bar Harbor, Maine.
82  My Gluten-Free Test
            Pono went gluten-free on 2014-01-01 – this is the results report after three months.  

Certified Gluten-Free   Thayer Gate, West Point 

83  Grandpa and FDR
            Eleanor Roosevelt confirms Grandpa Leavitt’s story about visiting FDR.
84  Atomic Energy by a 12yo
            A contemporary report of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan by a 5th grader.
85  Genealogy Quilts
            A fellow genealogist records her genealogy in a set of quilts for her children.
86  Per Nilsson Västgöte
            Amazing details of an ancestor born more than 400 years ago.
89  Maui First Class
            Pono treats an old friend to a special tour of Maui – she may never return.
90  Genealogy Kicks
122  Genealogy Kicks - 2
159  Genealogy Kicks - III
            High points in Pono’s genealogy research.
91  Glass Art
            An overview of my daughter-in-law’s stained glass hobby.
93  Outlines of Paradise
            Some of the many clever uses of outlines of Maui and other Hawaiian Islands.
95  Aunt Rubie
            A tribute to a very special person who happened to be Pono’s aunt.
96  A Family Visit, part 1
97  A Family Visit, part 2
            Pictures of three granddaughters and other family in their new home in Maine.
101  Michigan Outlines
167  Michigan Outlines Two
            Clever and artistic applications of the outlines of the state of Michigan.
103  Kids of Maine - 1
104  Kids of Maine - 2
            More pictures of Pono's middle son and his family in Maine.
105  Clarence Sandin
            Memories of the life of Pono's father in Michigan.
106  Tech House
            A tour of Pono's son's tech-laden house in Maine.
107  Hawksbill Hatching
            A wonderous night on a Maui beach culminating in the hatching of 180 Hawksbills.

Hawksbill nest   Pono as a saint

108  Facial Recognition
            An introduction to facial recognition using Pono's lifetime profile changes.
110  Spring in Maine - 1
111  Spring in Maine - 2
            Another visit to three granddaughters in Maine to monitor their development.
115  JOVIAL Programming Language
            Memories of the early days of computer programming
116  "Big Like a Soldier Officer"
            His mother's view of the birth of son JR in Bangkok, Thailand.
117  TV Shows That Never Were - 1
119  TV Shows That Never Were - 2
121  TV Shows That Never Were - 3
123  TV Shows That Never Were - 4        [This series is interspersed with other topics]
128  TV Shows That Never Were - 5
135  TV Shows That Never Were - 6
140  TV Shows That Never Were - 7
143  TV Shows That Never Were - 8
153  TV Shows That Never Were - 9
154  TV Shows That Never Were - 10
155  TV Shows That Never Were - 11
156  TV Shows That Never Were - 12
160  TV Shows That Never Were - 13
161  TV Shows That Never Were - 14
166  TV Shows That Never Were - 15
168  TV Shows That Never Were - 16
Samples of what happens when random occurrences are allowed.
118  Gecko Rejects Moth
            A big bad green gecko thinks better of attempting an attack on a large moth.
120  The Story of Four

            "Four" becomes a family legend just because.
124  From Land to Lindbergh

            Lindy is a cousin to JR and Stuart.
125  Pono In Dreamland - I
126  Pono In Dreamland - II
            Pono visits an unimaginable kingdom.
127  Licensed to Drive
            A collection of Pono driver licenses.
129  Colon Cancer Surgery
130  CC Reattachment
131  CC Chemotherapy
132  CC Personal Review
            Colon cancer (CC) surgery and chemo experiences.

 The Colon  Strawberries

133  A Trip to Maine - 1
134  A Trip to Maine - 2
            Two Ponograms that cover a trip to Maine with granddaughters.
136  Lucky I Live South Maui
137  The Rest of South Maui
            The case for choosing South Maui to reside in.
138  The Family Birdman
            A famous English birdman is cousin to JR and Stuart.
139  My Plumeria Tree
            My pet plumeria tree across the street.
141  Pono Slept Here - I
142  Pono Slept Here - II
            Infrastructure in the life of Pono.
144  Collecting Postal Strips
            A cheap and fun hobby.
145  Just Another Trip
            Adventures on the road.
146  Some Gates, Doors, Etc.
147  More Gates, Doors, Etc.
            Gateways that Pono found interesting.
148  Shark Teeth
149  Shark Teeth Bycatch
            Hobby of Pono's son and his wife.
150  El Campo Santo Cemetery
            A San Diego tourist stop.
151  Shadows
            A fascination with shadows.
152  Rabbit Ears
            How to annoy friends and family.
157  Lahaina Noon
            Only in the state of Hawaii.
158  Hawaiian Personalities
            Well known people in local commercials.
162  Pono's Nutrition
163  More Nutrition
            Pono's eating habits.
164  Pono in Nature
165  More Pono in Nature
            PONO presented in various forms.
169  Pandemic Notes
            A day in Pono's Pandemic.


This index will be put on the website and updated periodically so that anyone interested can quickly get to a Ponogram.

If you have been on my distribution list from the beginning, the index may remind you of a Ponogram that caught your eye “back when”.  Newbies will be able to review earlier editions that might promise some interest.

Note that I feel free to modify Ponograms from time to time, so you may see changes from when you first read a given one.

As always, thank you for your attention - I will appreciate any comments.






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