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One Sunday In Perry
What the Army Taught Me
Not My Mother's Shopping List
Brain Calisthenics
The Pono Nano Diet
Oatmeal Jim-Jams
A Walk in the Park
Escape to California
10  Printer's Devil
11  Pono - The Addict
12  Monkeypodarrhea
13  Love in the Woods
14  It's a Small World
15  Culinary Crutches
16  We Want Sandin
17  Better With Age
18  Parallel Universes
19  MŚrten Nilsson Finne
20  Hawaii Is A State
21  Shake-em-up Flashlight
22  The Use of E-mail
23  Normal American Schoolboy
24  Lake Gogebic Early Days




Want to lose some weight?  Iíve developed and successfully tested a new and truly easy-to-use diet.  No starving, no counting, no measuring Ė just go on with your life and make a few nano changes!

1)     Floss regularly.  Floss, but the key to weight reduction via flossing is this Ė do not swallow the bits and pieces you remove with the floss.  Dispose of the chunks and you dispose of the calories.

2)     Canned beverages.  When you finish a can of beer or soda or whatever, a small amount seems to get wedged in the bottom of the can.  Iíve seen people nearly wrench their necks trying to get that last nano swallow.  Just let it go.  First, it isnít that much, but second, it is well established that all the calories sink to the bottom of the can and concentrate in that final few drops.

3)     Tic-Tacs.  This one is critical.  You know that pill splitter your doctor or pharmacist gave you because they didnít have your meds in the proper dosage?  Use that remarkable device to split your Tic-Tacs and cut your calories from that source by a full 50%!

4)     Parsley.  Many restaurants observe the practice of having the chef add a sprig of parsley to each plate to indicate that it has been inspected and approved.  Never, ever eat that parsley.  You will save the calories, but in addition you will protect your health, since those sprigs are often rinsed and reused.

5)     Thyme.  Very important and simple to do Ė just never use thyme in your cooking.  Scientists studying the origin of the universe have determined that thyme was the major factor in the creation of matter and obviously, to lose weight we donít want to take a chance on creating more matter!

I have scrupulously followed these five Nano Diet rules for four months now and Iím pleased to announce the loss of 15 pounds.  Iím certain that the Nano Diet is the reason, but just for fun I also cut serving sizes and started walking 2.44 miles each day.  Results may vary Ė consult a physician or other nano-oracle before embarking on such a new and different regimen.

       Parsley                                                                Thyme



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