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121  TV Shows That Never Were - 3
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124  From Land to Lindbergh
125  Pono In Dreamland - I
126  Pono In Dreamland - II
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129  Colon Cancer Surgery
130  CC Reattachment
131  CC Chemotherapy
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133  A Trip to Maine - 1
134  A Trip to Maine - 2
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136  Lucky I Live South Maui
137  The Rest of South Maui
138  The Family Birdman
139  My Plumeria Tree
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141  Pono Slept Here - I
142  Pono Slept Here - II
143  TV Shows That Never Were - 8
144  Collecting Postal Strips




Pono with Clover and Scarlet Poppy in the lilacs
To welcome me to Maine, JR and Courtney decorated the apple tree and lilac bush with kids!
Nana and Pono Poppy's school poster
Courtney’s mother Patty and I attended Grandfriend’s Day at Poppy’s school.  Poppy depicted us in the art work at left with some items related to each of us (fruit trees and dried fruit for Nana and “gluten-free” for Pono).  In the school halls, each child has a personal poster with pics and artwork.
Clover, Poppy, Nana, Scarlet
Clover, Poppy, Nana (Patty) and Scarlet.
Clover & Poppy with snakes Clover with ducks
The ladies are fearless and curious.  They presented me with many bugs, caterpillars, flowers, and plants for inspection, and one day a girl brought a hand-sized salamander indoors.  I encouraged her to take it outside and by the time I got out to see it, she had released it.  It was brownish/maroonish with yellow markings.
Poppy vaulting Scarlet riding
These pics were not taken while I was there, but they illustrate the fearlessness of the ladies.  As you can see, Poppy has already taken a turn at vaulting, while Scarlet rides a monster she can barely straddle!
Windfall logs Campfire wood
During the 2017-18 winter, separate windstorms broke portions from three large trees on JR’s property.  Little by little, JR cut up the logs, moved them out of the woods, and is now splitting them for campfires.  As a generous brother, he allowed his brother Stuart to maintain his condition while in Maine for a few days (below).  I applauded!
Splitting wood Armful of nieces
The ladies also contributed to Uncle Stuart’s condition by challenging his strength.
Upper garden

Upper garden ^

Three plots for the ladies >
Clover & Scarlet water garden
Having seen more recent pics of the upper garden, these look pretty lame.  The strawberries in the foreground are now producing huge fruits.  The three girls each has her own plot – the right pic shows Scarlet watering her plot while Clover stands by hers waiting her turn.
A Trip to Maine – 2 will wind up this series.  Most of the pics (the good ones) were taken by Patty and Courtney.  I hope I am using them with their blessing.  See you in Maine – 2!

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