1-24  The First Twenty-Four
25-48  The Second Twenty-Four
49-72  The Third Twenty-Four
73-96  The Fourth Twenty-Four
97-120  The Fifth Twenty-Four
121-144  The Sixth Twenty-Four
145-168  The Seventh Twenty-Four
169-on  The Eighth Twenty-Four

121  TV Shows That Never Were - 3
122  Genealogy Kicks - 2
123  TV Shows That Never Were - 4
124  From Land to Lindbergh
125  Pono In Dreamland - I
126  Pono In Dreamland - II
127  Licensed to Drive
128  TV Shows That Never Were - 5
129  Colon Cancer Surgery
130  CC Reattachment
131  CC Chemotherapy
132  CC Personal Review
133  A Trip to Maine - 1
134  A Trip to Maine - 2
135  TV Shows That Never Were - 6
136  Lucky I Live South Maui
137  The Rest of South Maui
138  The Family Birdman
139  My Plumeria Tree
140  TV Shows That Never Were - 7
141  Pono Slept Here - I
142  Pono Slept Here - II
143  TV Shows That Never Were - 8
144  Collecting Postal Strips




This is it!  Our new TV provider has a guide channel that just doesnít seem to provide these combinations.  I suspect many of you will not be unhappy to see this sequence end, while others actually get a chuckle or two.  See what you think of these.
A neighbor's Rx for danger
A sister's marriage of lies
Bad teacher - the hangover
Drain the sunken ocean
Healthy you with home solutions
I didn't know I was unexpected
Let's be the amazing world
Love once and harvest love
Million dollar - it's a gift
News - daily sex in the city
Russ the roos, da brads, pure talent
The peoples - the cooking
The young & the schitts creek
Under the sea with flhi girlz
Yours, mine, 'n' TCM to be

OK, I left you entirely to your own interpretation!  Of course, I am here for any questions and/or comments.

Since you have been so patient with me, Iíll share two contributions from readers who share DNA with me.
Obituaries truck
Headlines That Never Were
Need Special Speaker
Positions That Never Were