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  169  Pandemic Notes
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At the time of this writing, it seems that the pandemic has been going on forever.  These notes are the story of a day in mid-2020.

I really needed a haircut since my shop, like all others, had been closed for a while, but a phone call resulted in an appointment.

Pandemic parking

I had heard that our 187 unit condo was at 18% occupancy, but the parking was unbelievable on the day of my haircut!  This shot shows four guest slots and reserved slot #65 by the pool across from my patio – normally only seen empty during the night!  The pool was closed.

Pandemic parking

Here is #65, walkway, and #66 - #70, all empty.

Pandemic parking
Here is a storage car and my car and no other on the near side and two storage cars on the far side as you go up the drive.  Pleasant views, but strangely vacant!
Scarves   Masks
When my youngest son Stuart was in his teens, I found him with these two scarves (left).  Fearing any perceived negative involvement, I relieved him of the bandannas.  Now, in the Pandemic, these were the closest thing I had to a mask and I wore one to the barber.  She had a plastic shield for the haircut, but gave me several real masks (right) which I have used since then.


Wear mask signs

The “Wear a Mask” sign industry was booming – did you buy that stock?

Costco entry line
After my haircut I made a stop at Costco.  The line through the parking lot was long, socially-distanced, and orderly.
Shelves all over were empty
Shelves throughout the country were nearly bare.  This was San Diego.
Parked rental cars 
On the way home from Costco, I saw thousands of rental cars resting in the fields by the airport.  Here are some of the cars that are normally parked by the condos!
  Outdoor entertainment area  

I assembled an outdoor, portable, socially-distant, entertainment center at my entryway and used it a couple times.




Alternate to mask. 


Don’t recall where I found this, but it is an interesting alternate to a mask designed to redirect the breath of food-handlers.



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