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144  Collecting Postal Strips




Although my experiences in Dreamland centered around the Sprites and this P-gram has more of that, other aspects of Bar Harbor (BH), Maine are also unique.  A few pics here serve to introduce the area, but you really have to see it for yourselves.  Pardon an informational commercial: visit www.DerbyLaneCottage.com.


Apple pickers

Clover consoles Pono

Apparently old age makes one a lot more conservative.  And the generational difference is quite noticeable.  On this day, I started out attempting to keep the kids off the stepladder, modified that to keeping them at lower levels, and ended up with no limits, based on parental approval.  All I could do was check for safe placement of the ladder and perform watchful oversight.  Clover comforted me.


Mount Desert Island (MDI) is the location of Bar Harbor.  After a number of trips to MDI, I tend to think of the island as one gigantic rock!  Now, I don’t even pretend to be a geologist, but I see all kinds of rocks on the island and I chatted with Courtney about them.  Based on that chat, Courtney arranged a tour for me.

We saw raw formations on the seashore and the summit of Cadillac Mountain, quarried rock structures (formal walls, buildings, piers and bridges), and what is probably the majority of rocks – quarry and road construction leftovers that are liberally distributed as informal borders, gardens, decorations, fill, etc.  MDI is truly made of rock.

JR and Courtney’s garage parking area is bordered by several tons of granite.  Their fire pit has another several tons arranged for seating.  All of these stones are covered with the markings of quarry activities – bore holes, cracks, shaping attempts.

 Coastal rocks

 Coastal rocks

These layered formations are colorful and fascinating residents of the coast just a couple blocks from downtown BH.


Stone pier 

 Roadway boundary

Stone is a sturdy and long-lasting material for piers.

Roads around BH have miles and miles of roadway bordered with large stones close together.  The feeling one gets is that on MDI, any and every excuse for the use of stone has been exploited!


 Turrets (COA Admin. Bldg.)

 Turrets (COA Admin. Bldg.)

Among many buildings constructed of local stone is the Administration Building for College of the Atlantic (COA) in BH.  It was built in 1895, commonly called Turrets, and transferred to COA at the inception of the College in 1969.  Note the informal stones around the driveway and the Sprites being unusually quiet.


 Courtney takes a break

 JR & family by Duck Brook

Courtney cooks, cleans, is a care-giver, helps run the business and the family, but still finds time for a relaxing session of gymnastics.

Courtney, JR, Clover, Scarlet and Poppy by Duck Brook under the Bridge by that name in Acadia National Park.

 Duck Brook Bridge

 Turret of Duck Brook Bridge

In Acadia National Park on MDI, you’ll find more than 45 miles of carriage roads with 16 varied stone bridges built by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  This one is Duck Brook Bridge.  It was built in 1929 and was undergoing repairs when we visited it.  It boasts four viewing turrets.


 Glacier tracks on summit

 Cadillac Mountain "navel"

Cadillac Mountain dominates MDI.  The summit has acres and acres of stone bared and polished by the glacier and now preserved for visitors to enjoy.  I walked over part of the summit and I think I found Cadillac’s heart-shaped navel.


Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain

Starting from the top, see the Atlantic Ocean, cruise ships, Bar Harbor, golf course, a patch of bare rocks occupied by JR and family sight-seeing, a patch of brush and more rocks.  I was standing safely on a level path on the summit of Cadillac Mountain marveling at the scenery and the energy of youth.





I recognize that most of these pics are pretty amateurish (the ones that I took especially) but if they pique your curiosity, do spend some time on Google images or the like.  You can see all 16 classic Rockefeller Bridges, all sides of Turrets during different time periods, views of and from Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, COA, BH, MDI, etc.

You will have to furnish your own Sprites or just search for wild ones in the forests.  Here’s your bonus of the tap dancing Sprites.