1-24  The First Twenty-Four
25-48  The Second Twenty-Four
49-72  The Third Twenty-Four
73-96  The Fourth Twenty-Four
97-120  The Fifth Twenty-Four
121-144  The Sixth Twenty-Four
145-168  The Seventh Twenty-Four
169-on  The Eighth Twenty-Four

121  TV Shows That Never Were - 3
122  Genealogy Kicks - 2
123  TV Shows That Never Were - 4
124  From Land to Lindbergh
125  Pono In Dreamland - I
126  Pono In Dreamland - II
127  Licensed to Drive
128  TV Shows That Never Were - 5
129  Colon Cancer Surgery
130  CC Reattachment
131  CC Chemotherapy
132  CC Personal Review
133  A Trip to Maine - 1
134  A Trip to Maine - 2
135  TV Shows That Never Were - 6
136  Lucky I Live South Maui
137  The Rest of South Maui
138  The Family Birdman
139  My Plumeria Tree
140  TV Shows That Never Were - 7
141  Pono Slept Here - I
142  Pono Slept Here - II
143  TV Shows That Never Were - 8
144  Collecting Postal Strips




Our condo complex has changed cable provider and the new guide channel has a different format incompatible with the “humorous” combinations I’ve been collecting.  Here are about half of the old samples left – next edition will close out this series.

The combo that caught my attention is usually the second channel shown, but don’t ignore other combos.  Sometimes both combos seemed “interesting”.

Caution – photography quality varies but tends to reflect the value of the topic.

Along came Polly white chicks
A room with a darling
Autumn summer vineyard
Deadly delusion and catch
Escaping dad daughter missing
Hunt for red oceans 11
In the heart of resident evil
Lost boy are you my daughter
Mickey and puppy dog pals
Nabunagas chef Rikuoh
Rejoice in wild America
The cat in the splash-n-bubbles
Robert Irvine page VI TV
The young and you've got mail
Who wants to be a jeopardy
There, I got through the whole mess without interfering with your perusal by my comments.  I hope you got a grin or two – or maybe a puzzled “Huh?”.  Remember you only need to struggle through one more of these!
A reminder to all; you can get to an index of the first batch of Ponograms here and navigate from there to the later ones.  Browse the index to see Hawaiiana, Pono trips away from Maui, the life of Pono, the first bunch in this TV show series, genealogy, collectibles and other various topics I’m sure you will find fascinating.  Enjoy and keep in touch!