1-24  The First Twenty-Four
25-48  The Second Twenty-Four
49-72  The Third Twenty-Four
73-96  The Fourth Twenty-Four
97-120  The Fifth Twenty-Four
121-144  The Sixth Twenty-Four
145-on  The Seventh Twenty-Four

145  Just Another Trip
146  Some Gates, Doors, Etc.
147  More Gates, Doors, Etc.
148  Shark Teeth
149  Shark Teeth - Bycatch
150  El Campo Santo Cemetery
151  Shadows
152  Rabbit-Ears
153  TV Shows That Never Were - 9
154  TV Shows That Never Were-10
155  TV Shows That Never Were-11
156  TV Shows That Never Were-12
157  Lahaina Noon
158  Hawaiian Personalities
159  Genealogy Kicks - III
160  TBD




Most of you have seen this garbage variety of Ponogram before so you know how to handle it.  However, a suggestion – read the first two entries on the second line (or more) out loud.  This might help you see what I perceived as humor.
Big Up
Bridal wave surprised by love
Coll down to you
Course record with days & knights
Expecting he's just not into you
Girl interrupted stand by me

Good eating with healthy living

I killed my bff little women
Making money with claman countdown
Marrying Mr. Darcy bottled with love
My big life as we know it
Star Trek beyond the 5th element
Teen tit x 7
The adventures of bubble guppies


OK, even Pono is sick of this series.  I promise if there is a Ponogram #157, it will not be another of these.  Which is not to say there NEVER will be another.



In these troubled times my heart and prayers are with you, my family and friends.  I remain self-quarantined with minimal trips for necessities.  E-mail remains active and I encourage you to keep in touch.  Stay safe!  I’m getting older, but I’m basically OK.


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