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I got several responses to Ponogram #162 – Pono’s Nutrition, and thought I would share some of the thoughts with you.


A common suggestion was to take advantage of the old “fast food drive thru” concept, or the more recent “order by phone and have the food delivered to your car on arrival” idea.

Just for my own education, I monitored TV commercials for a couple days to see what I was missing.  I listed 20 restaurant sources.  About 1/3 of them I know exist in Kihei.  Perhaps 1/2 of them I have seen on Maui.  About 1/3 of them don’t exist in the state.  (So why do they advertise here?)

A surprise to me was commercials for Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats.  I didn’t pursue them because I can’t see me using them, even if they exist in Kihei, but one claimed 61 restaurants as clients!

Another revelation was that food commercials aren’t very effective on people like me with defective taste buds.

Speaking of restaurants, a few months ago I spent some time trying to record the history of restaurants in Kihei since I arrived here.  Very few retain the same name and location since 1996!  From my memory alone, some have changed names three times.  Of course recently, several have just given up.  I haven’t tried to keep up with changes.


Doesn’t your Mcdonalds have Spam? 

McGriddles Spam

McGriddles Spam

Read More

Spam Side Order

Spam Side Order

Read More

Spam Eggs and Rice

Spam Eggs and Rice

Read More

My brother Bud left the Army in 1945 and bought a gas station between Grand Ledge and Lansing in Michigan. The station had an attached minimal bachelor quarters where Bud lived.  A couple summers when I was in high school I stayed with him and helped out.

The station had a few shelves with quick-stop groceries.  This is where I was introduced to Spam.  Not surprisingly, Spam and eggs or Spam sandwiches from the grocery shelves were easy menu items.

Spam is a HI favorite and is very convenient for hurricane backup!  Here is a typical list of recommended food items to store for emergencies.  First one practically specifies Spam, and doesn’t require a can opener!  Spam also has a generous use by date!

  • Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, vegetables and a can opener
  • Protein or fruit bars
  • Dry cereal or granola
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried fruit
  • Canned juices
  • Non-perishable pasteurized milk
  • High-energy foods

Spam musubi is a popular snack and lunch food composed of a slice of grilled Spam sandwiched either in between or on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori in the tradition of Japanese omusubi. Wikipedia

      Spam musubi




One responder described his heavily vegan diet and admitted to adding a steak every month or two.  I can see that addition to my diet if I can just get over the price tag.  Last time I shopped the meat counters were surprisingly unpopulated and what was there was really expensive!

Just before Christmas I got $22 worth of filet mignon and made three meals of it!  It was great and I can see adding this once a month or so!


Entire response was “Very jealous, but I did lose count of how many times I threw up a little in my mouth”.  I think I understand.

Another couple who heard my description of the olives, mayo, and peanut butter sandwich reacted similarly.  The male made the standard fingers down throat while the female covered her mouth.

How can anyone not like olives, mayo, and peanut butter?


A cousin suggested she could crash on my couch.  I’m sure she was joking since I can’t imagine anyone subjecting herself to the torture of spending more than ten minutes with an 87 yo recluse like me!

She did, however, remind me that she knew how to make foods of my youth like pasties and potato sausage.  Hm-m-m.


Read about new plant discovered in West Maui!


Pono had blood tests yesterday.  Results of 26 tests = only two numbers slightly out of range!  Doctor checkup appointment next week.


Meowy Christmas 

 Happy New Year


                          Meowy Christmas                                                   Happy New Year


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