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167  Michigan Outlines Two
168  TV Shows That Never Were-16





After Ponogram #164 I had a couple more PONO samples left over and others cropped up, so you are stuck with a second dose of PONO’s.



   PONO in tests.

PONO in sea urchin exoskeletons, also known as tests.

    PONO in live coral.

                                                                                                                                                                       Photos by Barry and Aimee Brown

PONO in living coral. 


"Barry and Aimee Brown set out to search for hidden letters among brain coral colonies in about 2012 near the Caribbean island of Curaçao where they live. They kept track of which letters they still needed to photograph by writing the alphabet in permanent marker on their fins; once they photographed a letter, they marked if off. According to Barry, the letters ‘A’ and ‘I’ were the most difficult to find, while they continued to see ‘S’ wherever they looked.

"In the reefs of Curaçao, coral bleaching events and strong storms have killed much of the shallow-growing brain coral in recent years. So they had to dive deep to get the whole alphabet, sometimes taking pictures in 100 feet of water.

"The resulting images show the corals' beauty, and their hunt for the letters highlights some of the threats that face coral reefs.


"Send a message from the corals to your friends and family with their postcards or e-cards! Click on a thumbnail for a full-size version that you can download, email and/or print. If you're feeling creative, you can also download the full set of letters to write your own coral messages! (Images are compressed in a .zip file.)  Please credit the photographers Barry and Aimee Brown, and no commercial use."


   PONO in sand.
PONO in beach sand.
    PONO in snow.
PONO in drifting snow.
    PONO in Hollerith code.

“PONO IN HOLLERITH CODE” on an IBM card.  In 1963 when I became a programmer, I would have just punched the quoted phrase with a keypunch and took a picture of it.  Today I spent hours constructing this image with PhotoShop.  I invite those of you who know the code to check me!

    PONO in Scrabble.
PONO could only score six points – who knows what the game is?
   JR family in tees.     Live PONO tee.

       ^^^ “Live PONO” on a tee.

    <<< JR family in such tees.


Every time I look around I see letters, but the response from you folks suggests that a new topic might be in order.  The pic of Courtney, Poppy, JR, Clover and Scarlet above is by way of apology.


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