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Whatever activity you choose to focus on, you usually find there are some side effects.  If you drop a hook in the water, you may say youíre after barracuda, but other animals may bite.  Bycatch! 


Searching for shark teeth is no different.  In fact some of the items you find might be even more desirable than the target.  This Ponogram features some bycatch encountered by Kim and Judy.  It does not include diamond rings, coins, or the ever present cigarette butts.



Mixed shells   Mixed shells 


Shells are so common Iím surprised not to see many more pictures of them.



The sorting table 


The sorting table Ė how many categories can you identify?



Mixed plate   Mixed plate 


A phase of sorting illustrating the interests of the collectors.



Mixed plate   Mixed plate 


Other phases.



   Ancient horse tooth fossil    Ancient horse tooth fossil


Iím told this is an ancient horse tooth fossil.



Tailgate sale 


Some collectors know when and where to look for shark tooth treasures.  This person displayed his wares on the tailgate of his truck and allowed pictures.  From a brief look at offers online, the value of this display well exceeds that of the truck holding them.  See the shadow of hands holding a camera at the lower right for comparative sizes.



Teeth vs. dime   Tooth vs. Sunburst 


Examples of some of the larger teeth K and J have found.



Kim Sandin   Judy Sandin 


Proof that the collectors have other interests.  Kim likes animals and Judy also collects rocks.







What would you do with jugs full of shark teeth?  Iím waiting for K & J to tell me how they plan to use, display, and/or gift their collections.  They may just be waiting for Michigan neighbors to drop in to borrow a cup of shark teeth.



Use of shark teeth


Bonus:  Find shark teeth in or on these decorative items assembled by Kim and Judy.





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