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When I moved to Hawaii to work I took a couple of HI language classes to learn pronunciation and basics.  The instructor encouraged us to choose a nickname consistent with Hawaiian.  When I was delinquent she assigned me one that didn’t appeal so I thought a bit.  The HI translation of my given name was probably Nomano.  When JR and Stuart were very young they called me Papa.  As they aged they cut it to Pa and as they chilled out, they changed to Po!

I combined the two names to Ponomano and described this process to the instructor with the shortening to Pono for my nickname.  The instructor said “Do you know what Pono means in Hawaiian?”   I had done my homework and knew but told her “No”.  She said “Pono means righteous!”  I yawned and said “OK, I can go with that.”

I adopted Pono as a nickname and it caught on.  Now more than 20 years later my family and most of my email and website contacts refer to me as Pono.  This Ponogram may help you remember.
PONO in puamalia flowers
PONO in puamalia flowers – one day they landed carefully on my 1999 Buick.

PONO in puamalia leaves.

  PONO in puamalia leaves – another day these landed carefully on my 1999 Buick.
PONO in leaves on Toyota.

PONO in Morse code.

^^^PONO in Morse code

<<< Same parking place as above,
with PONO in leaves on 2018 Toyota


 PONO in Monkeypods.

Several years ago I collected monkeypods.  You can read all about that experience in Ponogram 12.  Here is PONO in monkeypods.


 PONO in Rocks.
PONO in decorative rocks.
PONO in French's Onions.

PONO in French’s Crispy Fried Onions.  I opened a new container and three O’s were staring at me.  Obviously a challenge!


[Pono is a Hawaiian word commonly rendered as "righteousness".  For instance, the Hawaii State motto: Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono or "The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness".

Pono is a notably polysemous term.  Mary Kawena Pukui's and Samuel Hoyt Elbert's Hawaiian dictionary gives six meanings and 83 English translation equivalents.]  Wikipedia.


PONO in Wikipedia and in the HI State motto.





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