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Over the years, I have personally poked fun at friends and family with the common ruse of rabbit-ears.  I think you will recognize the prank and see here that I have even used it on myself.  What you won’t see is a favorite variation.  If you see a photographer having trouble getting her subjects organized, get behind her and flash the rabbit-ears.  The subjects often respond with big smiles!



Pono eared 


Stuart and Jen pick on Pono. 



Pono with brother Bud 


Pono with brother Bud just after his by-pass surgery in 1999.



Stuart and friends ear Taiwan   Pono ears his shadow


Stuart and friends apply general rabbit-ears in Taiwan on the left.  Pono applies selfie shadow rabbit-ears on the right.



Stuart and Jen ear Pono   Pono ears Stuart


Stuart and Jen torment Pono on the left, while Pono returns the favor to Stuart on the right.



Rabbit Rabbit-ears


No comment.



Beer-head gets eared


I guess a good beer-head deserves rabbit-ears!



 Wandering rabbit-ears   Healing thumbs


Not everyone comprehends the concept of rabbit-ears.



Pono tries challenging ears


I’m afraid I embarrassed my neighbors with this attempt.



50 yo ears   TV rabbit-ears 


Maybe it doesn’t have to be fingers.  Remember TV rabbit-ears?








OK, you’ve seen my dissertation on rabbit-ears – send me your topical donations, or better yet send me selfies, professional photos, newspaper clippings, or any other personal image to help me remember you!




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