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169-on  The Eighth Twenty-Four

145  Just Another Trip
146  Some Gates, Doors, Etc.
147  More Gates, Doors, Etc.
148  Shark Teeth
149  Shark Teeth - Bycatch
150  El Campo Santo Cemetery
151  Shadows
152  Rabbit-Ears
153  TV Shows That Never Were - 9
154  TV Shows That Never Were-10
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157  Lahaina Noon
158  Hawaiian Personalities
159  Genealogy Kicks - III
160  TV Shows That Never Were-13
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162  Pono's Nutrition
163  More Nutrition
164  Pono in Nature - I
165  Pono in Nature - II
166  TV Shows That Never Were-15
167  Michigan Outlines Two
168  TV Shows That Never Were-16





You may have to work a bit to make this Ponogram hold together, but it makes sense to me and someday I may break it up to make sense to others.  The personal photos may seem reasonable, but the others simply appealed to me.

Education Gate

Education Gate:  The 1938 Kindergarten Class at Anvil Location, MI grade school.  Pono is the second from the left.  Note the careful division between boys and girls.

Relief Gate   Beyda Gate

Relief Gate:  Aunt Rubie and Aunt Edna clear the path to the Tillner family Sleepy Crest facility in 1944.

Beyda Gate:  Aunt Beyda poses in sailor gear in 1919.

Sleepy Gate

Sleepy Gate:  Ponoís father clearing the entry to Sleepy Crest in 1940.  The event was probably a family get-together at the Tillner family cottage at Lake Gogebic in Michigan.

Girl by Door   Boy by Door

                Girl with shoes by Gate.                                  Boy without shoes by School Door.

Girl by Tomb Gate   Girl by Double Door

            Girl by Tomb Gate with skeletons.                                    Girl by Double Doors.

Grass Gate   Main Gate of home

      Grass Gate with ancient Hawaiian.                                 Boy with Main Gate.

Wine Gate   Pono's Dad by Cellar Gate

                          Wine Bottle Gate.                                         Ponoís Dad at Cellar Gate.



For those of you who respond to an occasional Ponogram, I canít thank you enough!  For those who never respond, I sincerely hope you are well and get some pleasure from receiving them.  For newcomers, I invite you to visit my website and see the index of previous P-grams as well as other sections like ancestry and golf balls.


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