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97  A Family Visit, part 2
98  Wunderkammer XI
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102  Hawaiiana 9
103  Kids of Maine - 1
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110  Spring in Maine - 1
111  Spring in Maine - 2
112  Wunderkammer XIII
113  Wunderkammer XIV
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115  JOVIAL Programming Language
116  "Big Like a Soldier Officer"
117  TV Shows That Never Were - 1
118  Gecko Rejects Moth
119  TV Shows That Never Were - 2
120  The Story of Four




The cable that serves me the gruel called television has a channel that predicts what will be on and when.  The channel has regular programming on the top, but continually scrolls through all the available channels, showing two at a time at the bottom of the screen.  The format presents the channel letters, channel #, and the program(s) due in the next 90 minutes.  If the program names are short and the timeslots are 30 min. the presentation is clear:

                           3:30                        4:00                         4:30
TBS  28    |  Friends                |  Friends                |  Seinfeld                |

However, as we all know, life is not that simple.  Both program name lengths and timeslots vary a lot and that is the reason for and the source of the stuff in this P-gram.  Long program names are fine when the program begins and the entire screen is available.  However, after 30 minutes the name has to be truncated to fit in one hour. After an hour another truncation is necessary (apparently no effort at abbreviations is made).  Each truncation is an opportunity for a humorous, unintended combination.

Over the past few years Ive spent a bit of time on this guide channel.  When I see an example of random combination due to truncation and connection that strikes me as interesting or humorous or stupid or whatever, I grab my camera and snap it.

Usually the second of the two channels is the combination that attracts me, but sometimes both of them do.


How I
How to
My big
The pioneer
The young
To be





Do you see any humor in these clips, or should I stop and go back to other sequences like Hawaiiana, Genealogy, Bangkok, Wunderkammer, or Miscellaneous?

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