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A few more pics of the dreamland of Maine, populated by little munchkins who have incredible unique personalities, their parents, their pets, their friends, the woodland creatures, and nature at its best.  It was a pleasure to be a part of that place for a short time – I hope these pics at least give you a taste of my experience.

Scarlet, Clover, & Poppy in the leaves

A test for the reader: what season and holiday does this illustrate?  The munchkins: Scarlet, Clover, Poppy and three other punkins.


 Did you pee in mama's shoe?   Pono can read

“Did you pee in mama’s shoe?”

If you can read, you have a job.

Courtney told me what they were discussing.  It’s really fun to see the kids interact.  One minute they were sharing and happy as clams and the next minute they were beating each other with noodles.

Poppy didn’t want to get too close to the old man, but she would sneak in to listen.  They didn’t quite understand why I needed those things on my face.


 Clover swings   Scarlet dances

Clover learned the swing mechanics quickly to go “high like Poppy” with or without clothes, indoors or out. It was really difficult to keep clothing on the kids regardless of the temperature.

In the evening, during music time, Scarlet sought the princess dress and went into her dance routine.  It was obvious to me that she really feels the music.

With certain exceptions the concept of ownership doesn’t seem to be strong among the kids.  Toys, clothing, food, all seem to be fair game most of the time.  That princess dress for example, went from twin to twin.  A few of Poppy’s things were reserved to her – the clothing of course was too big for the twins and some of the toys were too advanced – e.g. spirograph.

The new swing set

Just before my visit, this swing set was installed to the joy of everyone.  Can’t wait to see the carousel, Ferris wheel, and bumper cars that are sure to follow.

Shhh – the word “horse” is in the wind.  Goats may be the next step.

It is several weeks since I returned from Maine.  Today I saw a pic with snow piled up and packed under the climbing platform to the left of this swing set to form the beginning of a long toboggan slide!


 Leaving the dressing rooms   Performing

The ladies leave their dressing rooms …

… and perform

The princess dress circulates; Clover likes her pixie tails; Scarlet’s hair is a bit too short yet.

Notice the blue floor mat houses and the red tunnel toy discussed later.


 Poppy walks the twins   Everyone helps with chores

A pleasant walk in the woods

Everyone helps with chores


 Teeter-totter at the YMCA

Had to go to the YMCA playground for a teeter-totter


 Poppy joins the big girls for gym   Pono the rhythmic instructor

Poppy joined the big girls for gym

Pono helps the rhythmic instructor




Picture a single great room about 40’ x 50’ with a kitchen in one corner, a huge stairway in the center, bookcases across one entire wall, and windows on the other three.  Now imagine a five year old girl hosting a birthday party with about five friends, their parents, their siblings and of course the twins, Courtney, JR, Pono, Patty, and the home dog.  This was the event marking Poppy’s 5th birthday.

The main organized activity was a pair of tables dedicated to making Christmas wreaths.  Courtney had prepared straw circles as the basis of the wreaths and she cut smallish pine boughs and gathered cranberries for natural color.  She also made red ribbons to finish them off.

Funny thing was, the wreath making attracted mostly the mothers with “help” by the daughters.  Scarlet and I made one later in the day.  When it was finished, Scarlet picked off all the cranberries, chewed them up, and spit out the pieces.

As you can imagine, a home with a 5 yo and twin 2 yo’s has a bunch of toys and they were all available.  Toys to pull, push, ride on or hug, toys to challenge the intellect, puzzles, books, etc.  A cloth “tunnel” about 8’ long and maybe 20” diameter was very popular with one or two kids inside and a bigger kid pulling it round and round the big stairway.  The stairway itself sports two swings and they were occupied regularly. Other attractions were floor pads used for exercise, but also for the construction of houses, jails, castles, fences, and whatever else kids imaginations conjured.  Courtney and Pierce set up a restaurant with the pads around the legs of the pizza table.

Pizza was made available and consumed as the spirit moved people.  The adults circulated and tried to stay out of the way.  The kids pretty much did what they chose.  The only break in the chaos was for Happy Birthday Poppy and the cake.  Poppy then opened presents while the chaos resumed around her.  As they say, “A good time was had by all!”