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120  The Story of Four




If you have been around for a while, you know that this series introduces you to things that I have accumulated over the years that are of some value to me and just maybe have some interest to others.  The former is a fact, the latter is a hope, I hope, I hope.  Let me know what you think of this batch of treasures.

Boy Scout emblem

Boy Scout sharpening stone


Boy Scout emblem on case

for Boy Scout sharpening stone



I never actually joined the Boy Scouts due to my mobility in earlier years, but I did manage to acquire some artifacts and they became part of my treasures.  This sharpening stone in a vinyl case is probably vintage 1950.





 Two oz. tot cup

Made in Germany-US Zone



Two oz. tot cup

Made in Germany Ė US Zone



I was in the US Army in Germany in 1958-1960, but I just canít dredge up the history of this little tot cup.  I admit to imbibing spirits in many forms at that time, but bottles were the usual source, and the nicety of tot cups was seldom, if ever, a part of it.





 Leather tool belt

^Leather tool belt


Paperhanging tool set>

 Paperhanging tool set



I remember distinctly replacing the cedar shingle roof on our house in Tarzana, CA, and using this leather tool belt.  And the paperhanging tools were priceless for redoing the bathroom wall papers.  On the other hand, I canít remember ever using these items again!





 Hunting knife

Wiss pinking shears



Hunting knife

Wiss Pinking shears



I did a fair amount of fishing in my youth, and cleaned a pile of fish for cooking, but my hunting experiences didnít amount to much, so the provenance of this knife is probably not close to me.

Likewise, while Iíve done a lot of maintenance sewing, I canít imagine the purchase of pinking shears.  I do, however, have a pair in the kitchen for opening plastic bags.





 Generic oilcan

Red handle with pocket clip



Generic oilcan

Red handle, pocket clip



Surely, most of you reading this have some form of a generic oilcan Ė no?

On the other hand, how many of you have one of the items in the right picture.  Think about it, as I did, and see if you know what it is.  Iíll reveal it in the Afterword.





 12" level

Michigan State College plaque



12Ē Level

Michigan State College plaque



Back in the early 50s I lived in Perry, Michigan.  In those days, businesses gave away free items for advertising purposes.  This 12Ē level was a handy tool and clearly indicated the source.  It also reminds me of the telephone service in town.  Super Quality Feeds was on line 19 with other parties.  The distinguishing feature was number of rings Ė SQF calls on line 19 were 3 long rings.  My parentsí number was 103F12 Ė line 103 with one long and 2 short rings.

I started college in fall of 1951 at Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science.  By the time I graduated in 1962 the facility had been renamed Michigan State University of A and A. S.  Beaumont Tower (pictured) still stands.  I visit the link regularly to see the weather in East Lansing, Michigan.  Several relatives and friends live in that area.  During daylight one can see the Tower.





Preparation of this P-gram was not quite the same amount of fun as dealing with the pics of the ladies of BH, but still, I did get a kick from photographing and examining all this junk that I find laying around.

The mystery item with the red plastic handle and the pocket clip puzzled me for quite a while, and I must say Iím not 100% sure since I canít find the rest of it, BUTÖ

I think it had a small mirror attached to the ball, somewhat similar to a dentistís tool, for looking in tight places.  What do you think?