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In April of 2015, Pono journeyed across a great ocean and a broad continent to visit with family in Bar Harbor, Maine (BH).  This is the conclusion of a summary of that visit in pictures and words.


 Crooked Road House (left side)

 Crooked Road House (right side)


Crooked Road House (out-building on left)

Crooked Road House (garage on right)



It isn’t easy to get this house in one picture.  I’ll leave it for the reader to mentally paste the left and right together.  The left picture shows an outbuilding and the original part of the house, while the right picture shows the new addition with the attached garage.  There is quite a bit of overlap for the reader to deal with.

Pono supervises   Rock nest  

Some clown has to supervise

Wisteria vines recycled



Courtney’s project one day was to turn over a small portion of the yard for a garden and get some seeds planted.  As you can see, we all participated.

Someone made an artistic display with the wisteria vines cut by JR and Stuart.


Picnic table with flowers, feet   Picnic table with handprints


Newly painted picnic table…

…decorated with extremities



It started out with flowers, progressed to footprints and handprints, and threatened to move to buttprints.


 Pono plus three

 Courtney plus three


Just try to entertain three kids…

Mommy knows how



Poppy pummels me on the back while I do jigsaw puzzles with the twins – a grandfather’s dream!  I did enjoy reading to any who would listen.

Courtney corrals the kids.


 Three generations

 Making rock stew


JR family with Pono

Pono with Clover and Scarlet



Three generation pictures always amaze me, but more so now that I find myself at the top of the heap.  JR and Courtney with Scarlet, Clover and Poppy in 2015.

Pono makes rock stew with Clover and Scarlet.


 Mt. Desert Island outline   Chocolate moose


Mount Desert Island outline

One of the many moose sculptures



Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island, the outline of which is unique and represented here in marble.

There are several moose sculptures in Bar Harbor.  This one is in front of the Chocolate Moose Confectionery just next to Derby Lane Cottage, the BH rental owned by JR and Courtney.


Rutabaga - yum

 Skylight with dogs



Skylight above stairway



I expressed an interest in two particular foods-from-my-youth on this trip and was pleased to get two, although only one I sought.  I used to really enjoy smelt while in Michigan.  The smelt run always resulted in freezers full of the small fish that, when pan-fried, make a great meal.  On-line, I found that a town near BH had a smelt-fry scheduled just before I got there, but we couldn’t find a source of those treasures.

The other meal that I used to get in the mid-West was liver and onions.  Courtney actually found beef liver and made a meal specially for me (no other takers) of liver and onions with mashed potatoes and brown gravy – delicious!

Rutabaga was another memory meal from my youth.  JR and Courtney have actually raised rutabaga in their gardens in the past, but, unlike Maui, stores carry them in BH.  That surprise treat was one of the vegetables I was privileged to enjoy.  I couldn’t resist buying a large replacement when I saw them for sale in a store.

The rutabaga picture features a look at the landing half way up the grand staircase and some of many cabinets and shelves that are everywhere.

The cut glass image of dogs is a skylight on the ceiling of the stairwell just above the landing seen in the rutabaga picture.  JR lay on his back on the landing to take this picture.  You will see views of these stairs as background to other pictures.  Wooden dog sculptures form the newels of this stairway.

Neighbor islands with Poppy 

The view from Bar Harbor of the ocean and adjacent coastal islands – greeting from Poppy not always guaranteed.


Scarlet declares victory



Scarlet declares victory

The four settle down for bedtime



A four foot love bear is no match for three sisters.  Scarlet uses the universal sign for “all done” to declare victory.

Then the four settle down for bedtime and bring an end to this visit.





I hope you have managed to get the flavor of my visit to BH and a brief introduction to the Crooked Road House that JR and family are fortunate to possess.  I could probably do an entire P-gram on the house itself.  It has a character and personality of its own and was amazing to tour.  The family has barely started to settle in to the many rooms, closets, shelves, secrets, and possibilities.  You can see just a tiny bit of it in the backgrounds of these pictures.

Courtney tells me that Scarlet says "Pono" every time she goes by the white plastic chair outside. That’s the chair you’ll see me parked in in a couple of pics.

Once again, for getting this far I offer a bonus – the ladies in a gymnastic session.