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I spend a fair amount of time enjoying the view and outdoor activities from my living room.  My recliner is perfectly situated to maximize the view.  One day I saw a good-sized insect flopping around toward the ceiling of my lanai.  It finally settled on the inside of a beam just a couple feet from my sliding doors, easily visible from the recliner.

 Moth at rest

Now, Iím not an entomologist, but it looked to me like a moth.  Since it was midday, I speculate that it was disturbed from its daytime resting place and was forced to find another.  I checked on it regularly during the day and until it got too dark to see.  It perched with wings outspread and apparently never moved all day.

A group of friends that I see on the patio every day are green geckos.  I have a plant on the table that I water daily.  It has a tray under the pot that holds excess water for a while after each watering.  One by one the geckos come by each day for a drink and a few bugs from the plant.

 Gecko on plant-1   Gecko on plant-2   Gecko on plant-3

On the day of the moth, I saw one of the geckos snooping on the far side of the beam.  I opened the glass door and screen and gently encouraged it away.  I grabbed my camera, came back and took a shot of the moth.  While I was doing that, the gecko came back and checked out the moth at close range.

 Gecko approaches potential meal

 Gecko considers attack

Now Iíve watched these green guys struggle, but manage to consume bees, small moths, and even newly hatched lizards of other species, but this was apparently judged too much of a challenge.  The gecko glared at me for a while and went away.  He must have spread the word since no others of his gang came by to disturb the moth.

 Gecko blames me

The green guys remain in attendance, but I havenít seen the moth since that day.

 Moth is undisturbed



The evening after composing this tome, I watched the spider that guards my clean towel pile wind up a catch in its web.  Iíve been a little concerned because I see only a half-dozen tiny waste piles and I donít think that is enough for survival.  I look forward to seeing the results of this catch.  Iíll tell you, itís like living in a National Geographic Magazine!

Spider friend