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Ponogram #93, “Outlines of Paradise” sampled the outlines of the State of Hawaii and the Island of Maui.  This P-gram samples outlines of the State of Michigan and surprised me with some of the clever innovations.  Why Michigan?  Pono was born in the Upper Peninsula (UP) and spent some 30 years all over the state.

Michigan carrying basket    Michigan lawn chair


This carrying basket has Lower Peninsula (LP) ends and a UP handle.

Lawn chairs feature the entire state with the UP offering a convenient hangar for a towel or a jacket.

    Heart of Michigan Michigan jig-saw puzzle

Heart of Michigan in Howell (see the heart in the LP) features a number of the following outline products.  In addition, if you are hungry for a north woods pasty, Heart of Michigan ships them!  (Please don’t be disappointed – their pasties are not shaped like the outline of Michigan.)

How about a 20-pc Michigan jigsaw puzzle.


 Michigan soaps   Michigan stickers

Michigan soaps and stickers.


 Michigan necklace   Michigan necklace

Necklaces – I’ve even seen a ring with the Peninsulas on wraparound arms.

Michigan quarter   M as Lower Peninsula

And of course, every state has their quarter.

And someone from the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition had the vision to see an M in the LP.


 Michigan heartbeat tattoo   Michigan tattoo

Michigan tattoos as a picturesque heartbeat and just the outline.

 LP Michigan cheese tray   LP Michigan cookie cutter

LP cheese tray and LP cookie kit.

 Both peninsula Michigan traysStandalone UP and LP trays.


 Yooperland   UP tee-shirt

“Michigan’s Better Half” and the tee-shirt quote express the chauvinism of Yoopers (those from the UP [yoo pee] aka “Yooperland”).  Do you understand?


 The Lakes make Michigan   The Lakes make Michigan

A depiction of the Great Lakes is like a negative of the State of Michigan.




 Michigan in perspective

Let’s just put this all in the proper perspective!