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Here we are again with another batch of Hawaiiana.  Experience suggests that you may be seeing recurrence of this topic for some time to come.

Hawaiian Crow

Turtle Lights


Cheryl King             

Hawaiian Crow (ʻAlalā)

Sea Turtle Program



When I moved to Hawaii some 20 years ago, the Hawaiian crow was nearly gone.  I had the privilege of visiting one of the captive breeding facilities at that time.  We were not allowed to view the birds directly but saw them on CCTV.  The current status of the species is still very tenuous, but there is some reason for hope.  The captive facilities are full of birds and another attempt at release may come very soon.  A 1990 attempt failed and the surviving six birds released were recaptured.

News on the sea turtle front is that Cheryl King is on the East Coast training Tau the turtle dog in the detection of nests.  She plans to return to Maui to continue her work studying and protecting breeding sea turtles with Tau’s help.  See Ponogram #107, Hawksbill Hatching for more about sea turtles.





 Outdoor Toilet

Beating of Children



Holualoa Lua>

No more beating of children



I’m going to leave the left picture to the reader to decipher – there are a couple of strong clues.

In our enlightened state, it would seem we are close to making the beating of children illegal.





Fern shadows over blinds 

 Autograph fruit on street light



Fern over blinds

Fruit of autograph tree



Little explanation is required to enjoy fern shadows over venetian blinds and the pattern of a fruit of the autograph tree on a street light.





 Pot stay brok

 We stay close



Pot stay brok

We stay close



My first exposure to pidgin came soon after my arrival in Hawaii.  The coffee pot at work was broken and this sign appeared.  Although I wondered how many months the pot “stayed” broken, I got the picture that it “was” broken.  Later I saw other examples and learned that the word “stay” in pidgin was more like “is”/“are” than “stay”/”remain”.

For more on this stay go website and learn.  I no stay go if you stay coming.





Da Braddahs

Eh. U Da Kine Ah?



Here are a couple local TV shows.  You can see more about “The Brothers” and hire them for your event here.

Talk show “You Somebody, Ah?” info and samples are available here.





“Aloha” is all over the place in Hawaii – come over for a visit!



Hawaiian Words


Hawaiian words translated to English in a park store.



Falling Rocks 

 Road to Hana



The road to Hana is well marked but caution is always needed.  They don’t sell the “I survived the road to Hana” tee-shirts just for fun!





Malasada filled 

 Malasada plain



Malasada - filled

Malasada - plain



Would you buy a product in a bakery if the sign above it said “Under-cooked”?  Malasada is Portuguese for “under-cooked” but as Malasadas they sell like hotcakes!  Leonard’s Bakery made them famous in Hawaii and currently any bakery worth its granulated sugar stocks them.  Fillings vary by bakery.  Dis malasadas brok da mout!





I got a few responses, but mostly my request for photos last month fell on deaf ears.  Therefore, I will try another ploy.  If you will please send me some pics, I will allow you to request removal from my distribution list so you won’t have to read my pitiful requests ever again.