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I usually find something to introduce another in the Hawaiiana series, but I’m all out, so, here’s some more things I think qualify as Hawaiiana.


 2015 Hurricane threats

If you look carefully you can see the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the picture just below Ignacio.  At the time of this writing we have had 15 threats like this and Olaf is now at our door.  The Big Island of Hawaii has had some flooding and other damage, but so far there has not been a direct hit.  Olaf is expected to turn north as well, but the season for these events doesn’t end for another month.

It is rare to see an image like this with three active storms in a row passing Hawaii in such a short time frame!


 HI spirit animalsThe English and Hawaiian names of Hawaiian Spirit Animals with their significance.


 Images on blinds   Images on blinds

The windows of my bedroom change throughout the year as the sun hits them differently each morning.  These two pics were taken before and after I had the blinds replaced.  The pattern was more interesting before, but the blinds worked after replacement.  (Or maybe the landscape crew just trimmed the ferns.)  Either way, it is interesting to see the patterns change!


 Poke counter at Safeway

This is the poke counter at Safeway.  It is large and varied, but quite typical for a grocery store of any size in Hawaii.  Poke (pronounced POH-kay) is served in most Hawaiian homes and restaurants as an appetizer or a side dish, and no gathering in Hawaii would be complete without a few bowls of it.  In Hawaiian, poke means "cut or sliced piece".  Poke is bite-size pieces of raw fish marinated in a variety of seasonings.

 Poke favorites   Pono's favorite poke

My favorite is that in the right-most tray – the spicy ahi poke – it just doesn’t keep at my house!


 The Aunties

Anyone who follows the University of Hawaii men’s and/or women’s volleyball programs knows these ladies, affectionately known as the “Aunties”.  They attend every home match and support the teams with signs, cheering and most significantly with rewards!  The Aunties bring handmade leis and flowers to each match and win or lose, each player receives a lei, a hug, a kiss and good wishes at the end.

 The rewards

The players religiously go to the Aunties after each match.  The men generally have no trouble getting close to the ladies, but some of the females, especially the smurfs (5’ 3”-ish), have to climb the rails to get their hugs.  All this is unique to Hawaii, I’m sure!

For a taste of the Aunties in action, see this brief clip of the conclusion of the UH Wahine victory over second ranked University of Florida.  It doesn’t run very long, but it takes about 4 minutes to load on my computer – have patience.

The Hawaiian culture includes a healthy respect for elders.  Two people with as little as a decade of difference in age might find the younger addressing the older as Auntie or Uncle.  When I first encountered this I found it a bit strange, but it really is an expression of respect.


 Lizard watering hole 1   Lizard watering hole 2

Not unlike many other condos in Hawaii, my place does not allow pets.  However, I have found a loop-hole in the regulations.  If you have a “service animal”, no certificate, doctor’s approval, or any other verification is required, and you are allowed to keep the pet.

Hawaii is full of several species of lizards.  For many years, I have simply chased out any geckos or other lizards that tried to co-occupy my place, even knowing that they are excellent at ridding an abode of all manner of bugs.  I felt I was doing them a favor, since I really don’t have enough bugs to support even one adult, and after a short time I would find the interloper dead.

  Lizard watering hole 3   Lizard watering hole 4

This year I tried a different approach.  I set up a watering hole with a catsup bottle cap and have actually seen one of them drinking.  If I get caught harboring a pet, I have prepared a certificate identifying it as my “service” gecko.  I don’t expect anyone to question what service it performs.  No one ever questioned what the excellent pooper “service dog” that lived next door for a while did for a living.

I think I currently have 3 green guys – 2 ½”, 3 ¼” and 4”.  The water hole one above is the 2 ½” guy.  I think I just let him find the door.  For a while I had a pretty good sized one that had lost and was regenerating a tail.  I also helped him find the door.  I may have seen him the other day by the plant on my patio.  The new tail was well along.

In paying more attention to my pets, I’ve seen three interesting incidents.  One day I saw the tiny one detect a line of ants.  He just watched for a while, then sampled one, then watched for a while and went on his way.  Google says they eat ants, but I guess that’s not the food of choice.

Another day I saw the bigger guy encounter a hatchling new to my notice in the condo.  It seemed to be a different species – very small, mostly brown, kind of striped.  The bigger one grabbed it and struggled for about 10 minutes to control and subdue it.  I stepped away to get my camera and upon return both were gone.

A couple days ago I was watching TV and happened to see a bee on the patio “glass-trapped”.  You know, it was flying up and down with its nose on the patio glass railing.  As I watched it fell down to a corner and as it was trying to get oriented an adult gecko grabbed it.  It took a while but the gecko finally subdued it.  I didn’t see the final swallow but I think it happened.


 Time check 1   Time check 2

This is the mid-sized one.  On two different occasions I saw him slathered across the numbers on my microwave (lower, right).  Not sure what the purpose was – heat, color, checking time?

 Time check 3   Time check 4

Hard to know what’s in their heads, but they are certainly interesting to watch.  Entertaining the elderly Uncles – that’s their “service”!  While they do eat bugs, they also poop a lot!



I’ve been in Hawaii for nearly 20 years now, but I still see new and fascinating things that I think of as Hawaiiana.  Do you suppose I’m the only one who thinks this?

Apologies for the tardiness of this Ponogram.  I was on the mainland (or “off-island” as we say here) for most of last month.