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With a title like that, you’d be excused if you expected high quality work with exotic locations and beautiful people.  What you are going to get is amateur work - really old photos of my relatives in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan.  Why do I call them “Treasures”?  The memories these decaying pieces of paper conjure up in my mind when I view them makes them worth more than silver and gold to me.

I have hundreds of pics, but I have tried hard to subset them.  I understand the 140 character attention span common today and hope that you will enjoy seeing these selections.



Four deer, one rabbit 



My father apparently did all of his hunting before I was aware.  I was surprised to find this one photo of him at a hunting camp.  The group he was with seems to have been very successful.  Although I have no memory of him hunting, I do remember venison and other game animals on our table periodically.  In those depression days hunting was not a sport – it was for food.



Aunt Beda   Uncle John   Aunt Rubie



Aunt Beda, Uncle John, and Aunt Rubie in really neat period costumes of the ‘20s and 30s.



Aunts Vi, Marge and Rubie, Uncle Myron, and Jean

My sister Jean was not at all happy to be bringing up the rear of this 1929 photo of Aunts Vi, Marge, and Rubie and Uncle Myron.  Background is the school just across the street from my grandparent’s house where I went to kindergarten.



Pono with Grandma Tillner 



Grandma Tillner at their cottage on Lake Gogebic with her newest grandchild Norm in 1934.



 Bud on the rocks

 Grandma Tillner, Bud and Aunt Rubie



“Barefoot boy with cheek of tan” was my brother Neil in 1933.  Grandma with Neil and Aunt Rubie in about 1939.  These are two of my very favorite photos.



City Pono 

 Lake bum Pono



Norm the city boy by Grandma’s house - 1936

Norm the lake bum by the cottage - 1937



Snow in Anvil Location 



In January of 1938 we had a tremendous snow storm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that stopped everything for a few days.  Click here for lots more on that storm.  The house in the center was our place in Anvil Location and those windows were about 8’ off the ground.



Pono's pedigree 



It’s not easy to get a pedigree chart in a picture, but for me this unique one is the closest I’ve seen.  From the left, see my father, mom’s father and mother, mom, me, my brother holding Pepper, dad’s father and his second wife.  We are assembled on the porch of the Tillner cottage in the fall of 1940.  Grandma Sandin died in the flu epidemic of 1918.



Dougal by boathouse with ice 

 Aunts Rubie and Edna by outhouse



In 1940, the ice broke up on Lake Gogebic and proceeded to grind together to make 12.0pter and 12.0pter chunks as it was melting.  A strong wind came up pushing those “bergy bits” up on the shore.  Here you see cousin Dougal standing in front of a huge pile up to the eaves of the Tillner boathouse.

In the winter, first task during a visit to the cottage is clearing a path to the outhouse.  Aunts Rubie and Edna got that assignment.  Check the roof.



Clearing the roof snow 



Clearing the snow from the cottage roof is a job, but it can be fun as well.



Uncle Myron with new wheels 



Uncle Myron looked pretty dapper on the fender of his new wheels.  OK, car buffs, what is it?  If you know, I'd appreciate an email from you - mailto:kapono@maui.net.



Swim suit model 

 Snow bunny



Grandma Tillner was a character.  She went for a swim in 1946 on her 74th birthday and the next winter had a little fun in the snow.




This is barely a sample of hundreds of family photographs.  You can see more of them spread throughout this website.