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Here is the short form of this P-gram.  My bucket list has an entry that calls for me to see all of my friends and family at least once more.  It would be impossible for me at my age to visit each of you individually.  An invitation is always open for you to come to Maui for a visit, but I know some folks arenít interested in that big ocean crossing, so Iím going to make it even easier.

I will be in Bar Harbor, Maine (BH) from September 7 through 20, 2013 and I invite you to visit me there.  I will occupy Derby Lane Cottage for that period and will have a kind of an open house.  I wish that you would take this opportunity to drop in and view what 80 years has done to me.  Please consider a trip for some or all of this period.  And keep me apprised.

Why am I announcing this so early?  For those still working, there are vacations, house and animal sitters, and other arrangements.  And then, BH is a resort town, and accommodations tend to be reserved well ahead of time.  While September is towards the end of the tourist season, youíd be advised to reserve soon.

If Pono is not enough to attract you, think of Acadia National Park, lobster and other seafood, the big water, and fall colors.  Maybe these things are on your bucket list.


I started thinking about my bucket list due to 2013-09-11.  On that auspicious day I will have achieved the ripe old age of 80 years.  In 1952, my motherís mother hit 80 and celebrated with all nine of her children, all but one of her grandchildren, and some close friends.  Here she is with her nine kids.

 Grandma Tillner & 9 kids

Rubie, Marge, Carl, Mamie, Grandma, Beyda, John, Edna, Viola, Myron

The last attempt at a reunion of relatives of both my parentsí was in 1997.  That group included two of my kids, my brother-in-law with his and my sisterís children and one grandchild, my brother and reps of his gang, a Sandin aunt and some Sandin cousins.  Here is that gang.

 1997 Reunion

Now Iíd like to see all of my descendents under one roof and I thought I would work on a plan to come as close as possible to that, similar to what Grandma had.  Work and school interfere with grands and greats, but my three sons have agreed to try to work it out.  (JR lives in BH and owns Derby Lane, so Iím pretty sure he will be there.)

I donít have near as many direct descendents as Grandma has, so it occurred to me that I could expand the goal by adding my sisterís and my brotherís descendents.  And while Iím at it, why donít I just invite ALL family?  In fact why not include friends?

So, I have been in touch with my sisterís son and daughter and my nieceís son and they have agreed to make it.  This invitation will go to part of my brotherís descendents and I hope they will share it with others who do not have email.  It will also go to all the relatives and friends with whom I try to keep in touch and for whom I have email addys.

Next step Ė I will send this Ponogram to several family members who donít have email but for whom I have snail mail addresses.

However you receive this, please understand that whatever the means of contact, my invitation is just as sincere and my desire to see you is just as great!  And do let me know.


 Judy & Kim

Judy and Kim - 1987

 Courtney & JR    Jen & Stuart

Courtney and JR - 2009

Jen and Stuart - 2009

These pics of my three sons are from some time ago.  Youíll just have to drop by to see what they look like these days.

Kim and Judy have a daughter and a son.  Kristy is married and has two sons 12 and 9.  Kristy teaches and of course the lads are in school so travel for them in September is not likely.  Matt is working long hours and his attendance is also unlikely.

JR and Courtney live in BH and own Derby Lane so they will be around with their daughter Poppy who will be nearing 3.

Stuart and Jen travel constantly and almost casually, so Iím pretty sure they will drop in on the way to or from some exotic ďworkĒ site.


 Sandra & Paul    Glenn & Julie

Sandra and Paul - 1996

Glenn and Julie - 1998

 Doug & Mary

Doug and Mary - 1997

Sandra is my niece and Glenn is my nephew.  Doug is Sandra and Paulís son.  All three couples are planning their trips to BH.

Glenn has a girl and a boy by a previous marriage.  Hopefully this invitation will reach them, but both have children in school who would likely limit their travel.

I have email contact with two of my brotherís children and a snail-mail address for a third one and Iím hoping one or more of them will decide to visit.

My address books include a number of cousins on both sides who will receive this invitation and I hope some of them will also respond positively.



During my recent trip to the Big Island, my hosts had a huge bag of pistachios and I had several servings.  In the presence of others of course, I restrained myself.  As a kid I recall sharing very small bags and getting a dozen or so for each person.  So I added ďpigging out on pistachiosĒ to my bucket list.  Last week I purchased a 3-lb bag and paid no attention to the serving size.  I ate a bunch and didnít stop until Ö I donít know why I stopped.  Boredom, thirst, lack of enthusiasm?  All I know is I hit some limit, was able to cross that item off my bucket list, and the next day my left thumb around the nail was sore.

The reason for choosing the dates for this invitational gathering is that they encompass 2013-09-11, my 80th birthday.  As the birthday boy, I hope to receive a certain amount of respect and attention, but the only gift I want is your presence.  If you insist on handing me something, a disk with lots of pictures on it would be great. 

Also, I am old, but Iím not entirely stupid.  Even though my advanced years may afford me a certain role of prominence in the group, I fully expect to be completely out-shined by my newest granddaughter Poppy whenever she is around! 

E komo mai!  Come join us!

A Family Tree

A clever family tree layout someone posted on Fartbutt (or whatever that site is called)