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Another batch of things you will see in Hawaii – not necessarily unique to Hawaii, but certainly part of the rich tapestry of our state.



Sirens in Hawaii  Sirens in Hawaii Monthly TV alert test



Sirens to alert citizens

Messages on TV to alert citizens



Impending hurricanes, tsunamis, and even flash floods in Hawaii may result in TV messages with appropriate warnings and safety instructions.  In addition, siren alerts are used when appropriate.  To assure that these systems work when needed, they are tested at 1145a on the first workday of each month.  Tourists generally freak out.

Telephone directories contain coastal maps with designated tsunami evacuation areas, evacuation routes and the location of public shelters.  Since most of the hotels and resorts are in evacuation areas, visitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this information as soon as they reach Hawaii, and whenever they move about.




 Goldlace nudibranch

 Imperial nudibranch



Goldlace Nudibranch

Imperial Nudibranch



Most people who snorkel or dive in HI seem to concentrate on the fish they see, but there are lots of other wonders in the ocean.  The colors and patterns of the Goldlace nudibranch are almost unbelievable.  It is endemic to HI and can be seen near the shore.

These TWO Imperial nudibranchs are not making love.  They are pictured displaying their common habit of traveling in pairs, head to tail.  Their direction of movement is right to left.

If these two wonders tickle your fancy, you can see lots more on diver and photographer James Petruzzi’s website.  For THE nudibranch reference, see the website of Cory Pittman and Pauline Fiene.  Pauline actually has a nudibranch named after her (Pauline’s nudibranch).




 Big Beach (Oneloa)

 Little Beach



Big Beach

Little Beach



Big Beach, actually Oneloa, is one of Maui’s world class beaches, and it is easy to see why.  A short climb from Big Beach across the rocks seen in the foreground of this picture is a cove known far and wide as Little Beach.  On Little Beach clothing is optional and tends to be discouraged.




Keawala'i Church

 Kahala gazebo



Keawala’i Church

A typical hotel wedding gazebo



Hawaii is a favorite place for weddings.  Picturesque churches like this one in Makena are popular and can be tailored to the tastes of almost anyone.  Aloha shirts, Hawaiian music, bare feet, leis, flowers and open doors and windows are common.

Most major hotels and resorts have chapels, gazebos, and/or other accommodations for weddings.  Of course, to do it properly you must be Maui’d (married in Maui)!




Typical Farmer's Market

Typical Farmer's Market



Farmer’s Market in Hilo on the Big Island

Farmer’s Market in Kula on Maui



Markets like those shown groan with fresh fruits and vegetables and are readily available on every island.  We have no excuse not to have our daily ration of FRESH!




Tall trees

 Short tree



Tall trees

Short trees and bushes



Our wandering herds of giraffes do a fine job of trimming the tall trees up as far as they can reach.  They also reach down to trim the tops of small trees, while the deer herds trim the bottoms.

Just kidding about the animals of course, but what we do have is great numbers of mowers, landscapers, gardeners, tree trimmers, irrigation crews, and maintenance workers of all stripes who tailor a high percentage of the developed area of the islands.




 Plastic bags in a tree

 Not a plastic bag



The scourge of plastic bags

The alternative



In 2008 Maui County banned the use of plastic bags at checkout counters at retailers throughout the County (Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i). In 2009 Kauai followed suit.  The bans in Maui and Kauai took effect on 2011-01-11.  The Big Island (Hawai’i) joined in the ban to be effective 2013-01-17.  ‘Oahu joined in the ban to be effective 2015-07-01, making the State of Hawai’i the first state to have such bans on the books in every County.

There are a number of exceptions to the use of plastic, but the difference on Maui and Kauai due to the ban on checkout bags is definitely noticeable and no doubt will be the same on the Big Island and ‘Oahu when their bans are implemented.  I have three cloth bags and have finally trained myself to take them whenever I shop.




 Wooden bowl

Carved tikis



Elegant koa wood bowl

Carved tiki figures



Hawaiian artisans do remarkable things with wood.  The elegant turned wood bowls are just beautiful.  There are products for every taste including plates, dishes, cups, canes, musical instruments, paddles, statuettes, furniture, and of course, tiki figures.  Most souvenir shops have at least some wooden items, but you may need to go to a specialty store for high quality koa items and large pieces.