1-24  The First Twenty-Four
25-48  The Second Twenty-Four
49-72  The Third Twenty-Four
73-96  The Fourth Twenty-Four
97-120  The Fifth Twenty-Four
121-144  The Sixth Twenty-Four
145-168  The Seventh Twenty-Four
169-on  The Eighth Twenty-Four

73  Wunderkammer II
74  Wunderkammer III
75  Wunderkammer IV
76  Wunderkammer V
77  Wunderkammer VI
78  What Is Teaching?
79  A Gathering
80  Wunderkammer VII
81  Wunderkammer VIII
82  My Gluten-Free Test
83  Grandpa and FDR
84  Atomic Energy by a 12yo
85  Genealogy Quilts
86  Per Nilsson Västgöte
87  Hawaiiana 7
88  Wunderkammer IX
89  Maui First Class
90  Genealogy Kicks
91  Glass Art
92  Hawaiiana 8
93  Outlines of Paradise
94  Wunderkammer X
95  Aunt Rubie
96  A Family Visit, part 1




Another batch of personal possessions with stories.  Never fear, I am nearing the end of this series.  I still have a few corners to explore and a few items that I can’t decide whether or not to present, but unless I go out on a splurge of spending on new things, the end is near.


1500w Space Heater

Hair Clippers

1500w Electric Heater

Hair Clippers



Last fall I was complaining to my upstairs neighbors about being more and more intolerant of the cold.  They wondered if a space heater would help.  As I thought about that the next few days it came to me that I had purchased a small heater when I lived in Lancaster, CA.  I used it in the bathroom when I was getting ready for work and the furnace hadn’t quite got going yet.  I looked around and found it!  It was great timing, since this winter has been the coldest since I moved to Hawaii.  (I guess you know that we have no furnaces in my area.)

Years ago I sported a full beard and bought these clippers to maintain it.  The scissors remain useful, but I haven’t used the electric clippers in years.


IHOP Travel Mug

Miscellaneous Beer Glasses

IHOP Travel Mug   

Miscellaneous Beer Glasses



Do you think I could get a 59¢ cup of coffee at IHOP if I went in with this 1994 mug?

Each of these glasses probably represents people, places, and good times - except the middle one that represents granddaughter Poppy.

Golf Caps   Odd Hats

Golf Caps

Odd Hats



The golf caps represent years of enjoyment at that hobby.  Most of them are really dirty and some of the bands are broken, but I just can’t throw them out.  FYI, from left to right and top to bottom they are Rocketdyne - Boeing, Princeton University, S – Spartans – Michigan State, Michigan State – MSU – Spartans, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa – Maui, Volcano House – Hawaii – Volcanoes National Park, God’s Country, Scripps Institution of Oceanography – UCSD, and Lake Superior.

The left one in the right pic was purchased in 2013 in Bar Harbor when I seriously needed ear flaps.  The middle one was worn when working around the house in California.  The kids used to call it a “Mexican Large” due to the tag on the sweat band.  The right one was given to one of the kids to wear for advertising Rex Tuxedos at a school function – I don’t recall what the reward was except to keep the hat.  I wore it for Halloween one year here in Hawaii.


Costa Rican Tapestry   Asian Wall Hanging

Costa Rican Tapestry Asian Wall Hanging



This tapestry came from Costa Rica when Stuart was in college there and JR and I visited him.  The center is probably an attempt to depict two quetzals, the colorful bird that everyone there talks about, but few people ever see.

I’m really hoping that someone can translate the characters on this wall hanging.  That might help me to pin down its provenance.  And relieve me of the concern that I might be advertising for a house of prostitution or a radical left wing politician.


Wrought Iron Tables   Wrought Iron Tables

Wrought Iron Patio Tables



These three nested wrought iron tables came from my ex-in-laws.  The large one has lived outdoors since California and has not been well maintained.  The other two have been indoor pets.  They have been a part of my “office” forever and provided a little more of the flat space of which one can never have enough.


Fishing Box?

Tool Box

Fishing Box?

Tool Box



I think this was given me as a fishing box at just about the time I last went fishing.  I quickly converted it to a tool box and have used it as such ever since.  Its age is quite obvious.


Document Box

Document Box

Document Box

Still Full of Junk



This item has been a part of my life since just after the Army stint.  Not surprising that it shows a bit of rust.  







The cataloging is nearly complete and still I have no bids on any of the items.  In fact, what I keep hearing is that many of you have matching items and matching feelings about them.  I have managed to dispose of a few things and expect to junk some more as the spirit moves me.

One lady on my distribution list is actively reducing her inventory by inviting her kids to take things now.  Items that are declined are summarily junked.  What amazing discipline!

Don’t send me your junk – unless of course it is valuable and you don’t know how to work eBay.  Do send me pictures – I can’t get too many of them – especially pics of you!