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In April of 2015, Pono journeyed across a great ocean and a broad continent to visit with family in Bar Harbor, Maine (BH).  This is the start of a summary of that visit in pictures and words.


Entry to Crooked Road House

 Arrival of Pono


Entry to Crooked Road House

Arrival of Pono



The entry to JR and Courtney’s home is marked by this huge stone decorated by a greyhound and the number of the house.

A rare picture of Pono with arms and legs covered, but still with sun glasses and bare (or should I say bald) scalp.  Look around, you’ll see that throughout this tome trees and rocks are thematic.


Stonehenge of Crooked Road Pono in snow yard

Stonehenge of Crooked Road

Can Pono ascend the great drift?



Just days before my arrival, I got this picture of the progress of spring in BH.  Courtney and the kids were enjoying a sunny day in the campfire area by their house.

I requested that they preserve a pile of snow so I could get a picture on it wearing my Hawaiian uniform.  The massive drifts and snow that slid from the rooftops coupled with a shaded area to provide that opportunity.


Sandals defeat snow Poppy, Pono, Stuart

Snow defeated by sandals…

…with help from Stuart and Poppy




Six Sandins on the snow Snow in the sandals

Six Sandins by birth

Snow in the sandals



Clover on the trike, Scarlet on the summit, JR behind the pile (he had had enough of snow during the winter), Poppy, Pono and Stuart.

For a guy born and raised in Michigan, but recently and currently resident in Hawaii, the feeling of snow in the sandals brought back a rich and varied set of memories.  Sharing the experience with two sons and three granddaughters was priceless!


 JR & Stuart Budding

 JR & Stuart Budding


The brothers call it…




My brother Bud spent several years in California while JR and Stuart were growing up.  He visited us often on weekends and holidays and I usually seemed to have maintenance activities that I could use help with when he was around.  The concept became known as “Budding” and has been adopted by the next generation.

Here, the boys attack an old wisteria vine that has aggressively moved into and way up a nearby tree.  They managed to disconnect the vines from the tree and remove lots of the vines.  It will be interesting to see how the wisteria looks in its more confined form.  With all the swinging from the vines, etc., I’m not sure if the activity was mostly work or mostly fun, but that’s what Budding is all about.


JR with Scarlet Courtney with Clover

JR with Scarlet

Courtney with Clover



The 1 ½ year old twins are very clingy, especially with their parents.  JR and Courtney seldom deny their need.


Clover, Poppy, Scarlet



Big sister Poppy is 4 ½ years old.  It was a delight to observe and be a part of the activities of the entire family.


Poppy makes the call Pono swings Scarlet

Poppy makes the call

Pono swings Scarlet




Patty reads to twins The girls grow

Patty reads

The girls grow



Stuart made a brief appearance in BH and Jen an even briefer one.  Courtney’s mother Patty was in town for about the same period as I was.  Patty and I were both afflicted with (probably) travel-induced diseases.  We joked about snorting at each other, but were as careful as possible to limit slobbering on the girls.

You could almost see the girls grow from day to day!




It isn’t easy to summarize a two week experience like this one.  I had 144 pictures with those I took and those contributed by others.  I sorted and culled and ended up with about twice the number in a typical Ponogram.  So-o-o, Ponogram #97 will be on the same topic.

The twins were just beginning to put syllables together.  While I was there or just after I left, Scarlet put Po-no together, and the event was duly filmed.  As a bonus for reading all of this Ponogram, here is Scarlet saying Pono.