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96  A Family Visit, part 1




There are 132 islands in the state of Hawaii.  HI State outlines proliferate but generally leave out the North West Hawaiian Islands (NWHI).  Compare the outlines common in your state to these Hawaiian examples.


HI State car stickers

 HI State quarter

Window stickers

State quarter



Stickers with the state image show up on vehicle windows, bumpers and just about any place big enough to handle them.

The image of Hawaii fit nicely on the 2008 Hawaii United States quarter, approved and signed as you can see by Pono.


HI paint on wood

 HI Wheel of Fortune

Paint on wood

Wheel of Fortune support



Weathered wood provides a nice background for a painted version of Hawaii.

When Wheel of Fortune was filmed here, they made more than one version of the islands for backgrounds of the filming.


HI business logos

Part of business logo



Businesses are quick to integrate Hawaii into their logos.

HI business logo

Part of business logo



Some businesses just tack the image onto their names.


Symbolic business logo

Symbolic part of business logo



Some businesses get lazy, but I know what those dots in a graceful arc, increasing in size from east to west really stand for.


Maui on wood

Maui on plate

Maui on a board

Maui on a plate



And then we have the individual islands.  I don’t have examples here of all of them, but I live on Maui, which has a distinctive profile, and it is expressed in many forms.

Maui bracelet

Maui necklace





Jewelry provides the opportunity for expression of imagination.  Look to purveyors like Etsy for many more examples.


Maui in grass

Maui in grass



I pass this impressive representation of Maui nearly every time I leave home and always admire it.


Maui in manholes

Maui in manholes



Even local roadbuilders can’t resist embedding their version of the figure eight Valley Isle into the environment.


Maui on flesh

HI on flesh

Maui on flesh

Hawaii on flesh



And finally, for those of you interested in “carving out some phat lines” here are examples of that art form.






I enjoyed gathering this set of pictures and will continue to look for examples of outlines.  My favorite was Maui in grass, but Maui in manholes was a close second.

Send me your favorite state outline picture and while you are at it, include a pic of yourself, the better to remember you by.