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Rumor has it that my two younger sons have reached the age where they are starting to reassess their childhood.  Typically when this happens, memories suddenly return of the horrible abuse they experienced at the hands of their cruel, uncompromising, unreasonable parents.

Instead of waiting for this embarrassing allegation to be made, I’ve decided to admit to the charge, produce the evidence, and let the readers judge as they may.  Caution – the images herein may not be suitable for younger viewers or impressionable adults!  Here are JR and Stuart experiencing some of that abuse.  You will see by the looks on their faces how tormented they are.  I can only hope for forgiveness at some time.

Restrained with bars Restrained with bars
Restrained with bars Restrained with bars
Restrained with ropes Restrained with ropes
Restrained with ropes Restrained with ropes
Subject to unnatural body modifications Subject to unnatural body modifications
Subjected to unnatural...... ......body modifications.
Subject to strange rituals Denied access to desires
Forced to participate in strange rituals Thwarted from easy access to desires
Subject to extreme climates Denied privacy
Exposed to extreme climates Denied common privacy
Forced to beg for food Fed unbalanced diet
Forced to beg for sustenance Forced to eat unbalanced diet
Subject to the practice of doctors Mauled by a wild koala
Subjected to the practice of doctors Mauled by a wild koala
Attacked by a wild mule deer Forced to live with dogs
Attacked by wild mule deer Forced to live with dogs
Hypnotized by evil creatures Exploited by evil felines
Hypnotized by cats Exploited by evil felines
Made to carry enormous loads Made to dress alike
Forced to carry enormous loads Beaten until they agreed to dress alike
Caused to follow useless pursuits ...including endless ceremonies
Forced to spend years in useless pursuits …including endless ceremonies

While the “meanings” of most of these pics are obvious, a few need a little explanation.

The kids “strung” one of their bedrooms by running yarn, string, rope and whatever they could find or that Clae would give them, all over the place.  I guess you’ll have to ask them about the whys and wherefores, but just “allowing” it was one of the cheapest and longest lasting “toys” I ever saw!  It finally came down only because cleaning was not possible.

As soon as JR came to the USA (he was born in Thailand) he had a thorough physical.  Clae had noticed in JR pictures that the little dot in each eye from a flash wasn’t symmetrical.  She mentioned that to the doctor and further examination showed that he had a lazy eye.  The fix was to cover the good eye with a patch in order to strengthen the weaker one.  While wearing that patch he fell off his tricycle and cut his forehead bad enough to need stitches.

I had been working around the house and I just grabbed a shirt and took JR and Clae to emergency for repair.  Clae was in similar casual wear.  When we found an emergency room and went in, I discovered that I didn’t have my wallet with me and Clae didn’t take her purse either, so we didn’t have money, credit cards, proof of insurance, or even ID!  The nurse who was dealing with us took note of all this and the patch on JR’s eye and was pretty sure she had a battered child with really flaky parents.  I’m not sure how we got around all this, but Clae certainly laid into that nurse for her attitude and eventually we got JR repaired and back home with patch on eye AND patch on forehead.  Didn’t he look sad?

The “heavy load” JR was forced to bear was G & G Sandin’s house in Bessemer, MI.  The cliff right next door was a traditional excursion when we visited and holding up grandpa’s house was another tradition.  JR in the snow scoop in MI was the first exposure to snow for him.  Since we were on home leave from Bangkok, we had to borrow the snow suit from someone local.

You can probably figure out all the rest of the abuses.