OK Pono, I dare you to show me something about golf balls that I haven't seen before!


My name is Pono (not pictured).  I collect golf balls (head bowed, eyes averted).  I acquire golf balls by beating the rough and trading with others, then I scrub them and clean and sort them into the categories in the above table.  Duplicates and balls that fail to fit any of these categories are graded by condition.  Virtual virgins (grade 1) go into my golf bag, 2s and 3s are shared with those who contribute to my collection and other friends, and 4s are fodder for practice on the driving range.  The hobby is cheap, fun, good exercise, supportive of my golf habit, conversation-provoking, and truly interesting (to me).  Browse around a bit and see if you find anything to interest you.

Logo ball categories include: Last Update
Selected logo balls,              


Maui County golf course logo balls,


Other golf course logo balls,


Golf-related logo balls,


Unique brands and varieties,


and those that fit in my golf ball crossword puzzle