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The Dunes at Maui Lani

This is the newest course in Maui County.

Total varieties in collection:    2

Grand Waikapu

This course was closed several months ago and is currently for sale.  It is noted for its clubhouse which is a replica of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house built for Marilyn Monroe

Total varieties in collection:    20

Kaanapali North and Kaanapali South

The North Course hosts a Senior PGA tournament.

Total varieties in collection:    38

Kaluakoi on the Island of Moloka'i

Pono hasn't experienced this one yet.

Total varieties in collection:    4

Kapalua (Village, Bay, Plantation)

The Bay is right on the ocean and arguably the easiest and most beautiful of the three.  The Village is farther up the West Maui mountains, a bit harder, and has spectacular views.  The Plantation is also up the hill, harder yet, and has more spectacular views.  These courses are full of tourists due to proximity to West Maui hotels and people having seen them on TV.  We recently enjoyed the Mercedes tournament on The Plantation.

Total varieties in collection:    49

The Experience at Koele on the Island of Lna'i

Pono hasn't experienced this one yet.

Total varieties in collection:    4

Makena North and Makena South

Hard to imagine more beautiful courses.  Spectacular views of Molokini and Kaho'olawe.  North is perhaps a bit harder than south.  In the heat of summer, lightning fast greens.

Total varieties in collection:    52

The Challenge at Manele on the Island of Lna'i

Yet another beautiful oceanside course.  Spectacular views of Manele Bay and Maui.  Not quite as tailored as courses on Maui, but in whale season the bay is whale soup.

Total varieties in collection:    4

Pukalani Country Club

Upcountry and subject to rains and winds.  Great views of the West Maui mountains, the ocean on both sides of Maui, and Mt. Haleakal.

Total varieties in collection:    7


Inland, half way from ocean to ocean and on the side of the West Maui mountains.  Good views, fairways all slope from side to side, and tradewinds howl.

Total varieties in collection:    20

Silversword (Elleair Golf Club)

Recently changed hands - lots of rumors about closing and improving front nine, building houses around course, etc.  Good views of Ma'alaea bay, West Maui, and Mt. Haleakal.  Reasonably priced, tradewinds roar right in your face on six holes along Pi'ilani Highway.

Total varieties in collection:    18


Municipal course, least expensive in Maui County, hard to get reservations.  Only course that allows walkers.  Interesting course on the north shore with constant wind off the ocean. 

Total varieties in collection:    3

Wailea Blue, Emerald, and Gold

Three gorgeous courses, tailored to a fare-thee-well, with spectacular views of the ocean.  Not particularly difficult but plenty challenging for the average golfer.  Full of tourists due to proximity to Wailea hotels.  Pono lives on the Blue.

Total varieties in collection:    75