This is the first of a twelve page sequence of ancestry charts covering Clarence Carl Sandin, born in 1897 in Bessemer, MI, USA, back to Hindrik Werre, born about 1600 in Finland.  It covers twelve generations and centers around Ljusnarsberg, Sweden, where the majority of these folks spent some time, and where many were born, married, and died.  (Ljusnarsberg is often abbreviated Ljb.)  The best way to navigate these charts is to print out the one page summary and refer to that as you view the detailed charts

The charts are just as received from Sune Ahlen.  Sune has been doing research in preparation for writing a book about Swedish emigration.  He had been gathering information about Anna Lovisa Jansdotter (Clarence's grandmother) as an example for his book.  Sune was gracious enough to share his research with us, and I am eternally grateful!  As he went back a ways he found that he ties into the same tree.  (I guess we all do if you go back far enough.)  Sune lives in North Carolina and owns a farm in Sweden.  He spends time in both places and is in Sweden as I write this.  He plans to visit Kandla farm (Clarence's mother's birthplace) and Ljusnarsnäs farm (Lovisa's birthplace) and he has promised to take pictures.

Church and government records and her obituary show Louisa's birthplace to be Nya Kopparberget, Västmanland, Sweden.  Based on that information, I put a query about her on a Swedish website called Rötter under the Västmanland section.  The response nailed Louisa, Alfred, and Hilma to Ljusnarsberg, the current name of what was once known as Kopparberg.  It was this query and response that Sune heard about, and it led him to contact me.  At about the same time two US cousins who are great-grandchildren of Louisa's sister heard about the query-response and also contacted me.  They have supplied information about siblings of Jan Jansson, siblings of Louisa, and the descendants of those siblings.  They also supplied the pictures of Kandla and Ljusnarsnäs farms.  The query also led to information about the emigration of Louisa, Alfred and Hilma!  These two cousins are in touch with a Swedish genealogist who has helped them gather information.  Sune also plans to visit that genealogist and compare notes while he is in Sweden.

You can visit the Rötter site and see the query-response by doing the following:
Click on the address below.  
In the left panel choose "Anbytarforum".
Scroll down right panel and choose "Landskap".
Scroll down right panel and choose "Västmanland".
In right panel choose "Efterlysningar".
Scroll down right panel and choose "Louisa Johnson, 12/13/1855, etc.".

Enjoy the tour through time!  (N.N. means that the person is not identified in the records Sune found.  For example, Charles [Karl Erik] may have been born out of wedlock, but he listed his father as Erik Sandin.)