This is part of the Protestant section of Hillcrest Cemetery in Bessemer, MI.  Large numbers are blocks and small ones are lots.  Highlighted are the locations of relatives.  The main entrance to the cemetery is left of Block 1 at the bottom of the chart.

Block 33, Lot 3      Charles Eric Sandin
                             Lucille J. Sandin
Block 27, Lot 8      Jean Shirley Holevac
Block 25, Lot 5      Louis Anderson
                                Eva Olivia Anderson
Block 22, Lot 6      Albert Tillner
                                Frederika Tillner
                                Rubie Eloise Tillner
                                Margaret Marian Heidrick
Block 21, Lot 17    John A. Sundquist
                                Alma Marie Sundquist
                                Edgar Oliver Running, Jr.
                                Three infants
Block 21, Lot 2      John Erick Anderson
                                Elizabeth Anderson
Block 15, Lot 13    Clarence Carl Sandin
                                Mamie Eleanora Sandin
                                Clarence Carl Sandin, Jr.
Block 12, Lot 31    Alfred Anderson
                                Louisa Anderson
                                Harold William Marshall
                                Hilda Cecelia Marshall
Block 11, Lot 37    Gustaf Adolph Carlson
                                Johanna Matilda Carlson
Block 11, Lot 32    Christina Elizabeth Erikson
                                Frans Axel Anderson
                                Anna Matilda Anderson
Block 9, Lot 4        Emil Hjalmar Ekman
                                Anna Theresa Ekman
                                Frederick Rowe
                                Ruby M. Rowe
Block 7, Lot 9        Melvin William Sandin
                                Hilma Leontina Sandin
                                Earl Roscoe Sandin
                                Marion Grace Sandin
                                Margaret Grace Sandin
Block 5, Lot 19      Mildred Sandin Cebolski
                                Arthur Leonard Sandin
                                Unnamed Stillborn
Block 4, Lot 20      Andrew Erikson
                                Carl Victor Anderson
Poor Ground          Carolina Larson

Also in Hillcrest Cemetery are Elmer Victor Sandin and daughter Virginia (Block 28, Lot 32 - Catholic side).  A graphic of this section will be added soon.  There are other relatives buried in Hillcrest as well that I just haven't found yet.